It Always Rained in Paris

The year is 2030, but the best year for Ellie was 2015, when she set off for Paris to babysit a 6-year-old girl. Now, Ellie has two children and is trying to divorce from her Paris obsession and from her French husband. The girl she babysat, now 21, comes to stay with the family in Minnesota. Her arrival sets into motion a series of misunderstandings about language, love, wealth and family.

Written for the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Produced by Theatre Corrobora.

Selected as the Editor’s Pick  for the Twin Cities Arts Reader‘s 2016 Fringe Awards.

Cast –
Anna Olson as Ellie
Dani Sue Pazurek as Michele
Bill Williamson as Nic
Lulu Schirmacher as Gabriele
and Huxley Westermier as Bastien

Featuring original music by John Hilsen.


“Must see: Falling in love. Self-discovery. How it changes you. The fear of forgetting … The young artists’ group Theatre Corrobora brings a delightful performance, from the talented cast to storytelling that is beautifully poetic at times.” — Pioneer Press

“If Fringe shows were movies, It Always Rained in Paris would be the Oscar bait: a mature adult drama amidst outrageous comedies and flashy gimmicks. This elegant, contemplative production comes from Theatre Corrobora, the young company who’ve come light years from 2013’s promising but awkward Critic and the Concubine to this assured multigenerational exploration of love, identity, and regret.” — City Pages

“I don’t know how a 20-something writes so well about the feelings of nostalgia and regret that come with a few more years of life experience.” — Cherry and Spoon

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Photos by Brian Mitchell.


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