Written by Hailey Colwell (age 11), and Hailey Colwell (age 21)

Upon finding her fifth grade journal, a writer crosses timelines and meets her younger self. New scenes and a source text collide as she traces her start as a storyteller growing up in Saint Paul.

Written for the 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Produced by the Snelling Fire Brigade.
Directed by Joe Allen. 



Cast –
Corinne Nugent as Woman
Michaela Stromberg as Girl
Chloe Stromberg as Girl
Kaya Richie as Guy
John Ballin as Dad/Editor
Lukas Levin as Jimmy
Maddie Granlund as Mollie
Nidhi Day as Jessie
Aidan Jhane Gallivan as Aidan



“It’s clear from Girlhood that Colwell has been a confident writer for far longer than I’ve known her, but this script reaches for a new level of formal ambition as well as new depths of feeling, and it succeeds brilliantly.” — The Tangential

“It feels real, because it is real.” — MinnyApple

Photos by Aidan Jhane Gallivan.


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